The Daily Dingo
Why would anyone try to come up with 365 jokes on the same limited subject?
Short answer: because I said I would.
Longer answer: Like a lot of people I tend to say I’m going to do a lot of things that I end up not doing. Well, this time my wife called me out on it. I said I was going to try to do a website where I’d put up a joke a day for a year and she held me to it.
Of all the ridiculous things I’ve shot my mouth off, this is the one she challenged me to actually shut up and do. Frankly, I think I’ve had better ideas, but most of them involve me buying a 1977 Trans Am and becoming a professional gambler, and apparently that’s not the sort of thing wives hold their husbands to.
Anyway, I think it’s important to hold yourself to something you’re not sure about every once in a while. And I’m definitely not sure about this. What if I can’t do it? What if it’s colossally stupid? What if it’s a total waste of time?
We’ll see.
Here’s some silly answers to questions I made up...
QUESTION 1: Who on Earth would want to beat to death a one note joke referencing a movie that came out 20+ years ago which no one saw in the first place?
A: My name is Mike. I’ve made a living as a writer in one way or another for most of my adult life. I have always admired the simplicity of single panel comics and I have always had a penchant for repeating jokes until they become annoying and unfunny and then pounding at them until they (hopefully) become funny again. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it ends in tears and I am asked to leave the facility. But hey, that’s the Los Angeles Galaxy’s loss not mine, as far as I’m concerned.
QUESTION 1 (pt. 2): Have you, “Mike” ever seen “A Cry In the Dark?”
A: No. I saw the Seinfeld episode. I think. Look, I didn’t invent this stupid dingo joke. I am not even the first person to make a crude drawing based on it - thirty seconds on Google will show that. I’m just some guy with free time, a questionable sense of humor, a scanner and a free version of iWeb. Stop picking on me.
QUESTION 2 (although technically it’s 3. I’m so lost): So how did this start?
A: Years ago, I was working in advertising in New York City and between glamorous three martini lunches and glamourous bouts of extreme self loathing, I would doodle stupid cartoons for my co-workers in a desperate attempt to entertain them and eventually (someday) be liked. Well, good news first - people seemed to like the cartoons. Bad news; me, not so much. But hey, life goes on. Charges get dropped. Spring comes. People marry and die. Pinkerton does not return.
QUESTION 4:  I still don’t get it.
A: Look, it’s not rocket surgery. It’s a joke. The challenge is to make the same very limited joke humorous as many times as possible. My hope is that while any ONE Dingo cartoon may be “funny,” taken in large doses they seem to become “funnier.*”
I apologize for using such technical jargon and promise to stick to layman’s terms from now on.
My point is this. People have gotten fantastically wealthy off of things like napalm, crack cocaine and Axe body spray. All I want to do is post drawings on the intarwebs and maybe sell a t-shirt or two. So sue me. **
My other point is this. We all of us have dreams. Some big, some small. My dream is to do an absurdist comic that maybe some people get a chuckle out of. If so, then good. If not, well I can always go back to my first love: begging for change outside of the Quiznos down the street from your office.
*Your mileage may vary.
** Please don’t sue me. I’ve been sued. Twice. It suckity suck-sucks a sucking suck.